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Genuine experience in making cross-platform games


GameStudioHx is a game development tool.
It started as a simple tool for drawing and arranging polygons for physics based games I was working on with my friends.
It turned out that my game making (and artistic) skills were not that good. Actually, it turned out that making games is much harder than I thought.
So I continued to work on my simple tool, trying to add as much features as I could think of.
I was hoping that more powerful tool will make me a better game developer.
But it didn’t!
Making games is hard.
Making GameStudioHx is easy.
At least for me.

So here it is.
Its completely written in Haxe programming language using powerful OpenFl framework (formerly known as NME). Physics is handled by Nape physics engine.

I’ve found inspiration in applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and After Effects and I’ve tried to combine their techniques and workflows in GameStudioHx.
I was also inspired by Unity3D ( hence play/stop buttons ).