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Genuine experience in making cross-platform games

Want to start creating WorldBuilderHx projects? Check out this collection of video tutorials.

Watch these video tutorials, and learn how to use GameStudioHx. In less then an hour, you will be able to create your own games. Every feature is explained in a separate lesson. So, later you can use this video tutorials as your reference.

Here are all lessons linked to youtube videos. (they will be opened in a separate window)

  1. Introduction.

  2. New project.

  3. Body types.

  4. Layers panel.

  5. Right click.

  6. Left toolbar.

  7. Predefined shapes.

  8. Custom shapes.

  9. Optimization.

  10. Joints.

  11. Demo.

  12. Shape library.

  13. Polygon operations.

  14. Body from bitmap.

  15. Particle editor.

  16. Texture packer.

  17. Inner decorations (GFX).

  18. Materials.

  19. Object buffer.

  20. Style buffer.

  21. Chain tool.

  22. Level settings.

  23. Object groups.

  24. Brush tool.

  25. Camera.

  26. Parallax scrolling.

and much much more…

Watch all lessons in a playlist here.


Video tutorials created by phyziko.com.